We can help you get your PAL and RPAL Course in Prince George. Below are links to other helpful resources.

Canadian Firearms Program Phone # 1-800-731-4000

CFSC and CRFSC manual can be downloaded HERE or bought at Corlane’s, CNC bookshop, Save on Foods, or Books and Company in Prince George.

PAL/RPAL Online Application Form (Also use this if your license is expired) Click Here.

Printable Application form here

Renew an expired license here.

Renew a non-expired license here.

Canadian RCMP Firearms Program Information Click Here

Safe storage and transport of firearms Click Here

The Firearms Act Click Here. You should have a copy of this in your vehicle and/or range bag and be familiar with it.

Join the PG Rod and Gun Club here

-It is illegal to acquire or possess a firearms without the appropriate license.
-A PAL is required to buy a Non-restricted firearm. The CFSC allows you to obtain a PAL to buy and own a non-restricted firearm.
-You must show your PAL/RPAL to buy a firearm and you must see a buyer’s license to sell a firearm.
-The PAL/RPAL course does not cover hunting regulations. You must do the CORE hunter safety course to get your hunter number in British Columbia.
-An RPAL is needed to buy restricted firearms such as handguns, The RPAL course must be done after successful completion of the PAL course.

-You must be 18 yrs old to obtain a PAL/RPAL. The License expires after 5 years. It currently takes 6+ months to get your license in the mail. There is a minimum 28 day waiting period after a background check and reference check is performed by the RCMP.
-A person 12-17 can do the CFSC for a minors license, allowing that person to borrow a firearm. When the minor turns 18 they must apply for a regular PAL. Minors can do the RPAL course for educational purposes, but cant apply for an RPAL license.

Join the various Canadian Firearms organizations that give you a voice in Firearms Issues in Canada

I recommend the following business/companies and products
Black Box Customs (Calgary)
JF Gunworks (Ontario)
Trueblue Gun Lube
KG Armory (Prince George)
Corlanes (Prince George)
FH Munition (Calgary)

Note: All info presented on this website is superseded by any changes in the laws by the Government of Canada and/or any changes to the Firearms Program and Firearms Act.

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