Canadian Firearms Program Phone # 1-800-731-4000

CFSC and CRFSC manual can be downloaded HERE or bought at CNC bookshop or Books and Company in Prince George.

PAL/RPAL Application Form Click Here (new online version here

Canadian RCMP Firearms Program Information Click Here

Safe storage and transport of firearms Click Here

The Firearms Act Click Here. You should have a copy of this in your vehicle and/or range bag and be familiar with it.

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-It is illegal to acquire or possess a firearms without the appropriate license
-A PAL is required to buy a Non-restricted firearm. The CFSC allows you to obtain a PAL to buy and own a non-restricted firearm.
-You must show your PAL/RPAL to buy a firearm and you must see an buyer’s license to sell a firearm.
-The PAL/RPAL course does not cover hunting regulations. You must do the CORE hunter safety course to get your hunter number in British Columbia.
-An RPAL is needed to buy restricted firearms such as handguns and must be done after the PAL course.

You must be 18 yrs old to obtain a PAL/RPAL. The License expires after 5 years. It currently takes 6+ months to get your license in the mail. There is a minimum 28 day waiting period after a background check and reference check is performed by the RCMP.
-A person 12-17 can do the CFSC for a minors license, allowing that person to borrow a firearm. When the minor turns 18 they must apply for a regular PAL.

Join the various Canadian Firearms organizations that give you a voice in Firearms Issues in Canada

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Note: All info presented on this website is superseded by any changes in the laws by the Government of Canada and/or any changes to the Firearms Program and Firearms Act.

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