Fort George Firearms Training

PAL & RPAL Prince George, BC


PAL and RPAL License Training! Fort George Firearms Training is located in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada and provides services across Northern BC. We offer:

  • Canadian Firearms Safety Course for the Possession and Acquisition License (CFSC for PAL)
  • Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course for the Restricted Possession and Acquisition License (CRFSC for RPAL)
  • IPSC Black Badge Course via IPSC BC
  • Estate services regarding firearms

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The Canadian Firearms Safety Course is required in Canada for any person wishing to obtain a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) in order to buy non-restricted firearms. The Restricted Firearms Safety Course is needed if you wish to purchase Restricted firearms. PAL and RPAL license training can help you become more familiar with firearms and is required for some workplaces. Find our more about our services here