Course Dates/Registration

Course Dates & Registration

See calendar below for course dates available and register for courses

PAL Dec 19 click here

PAL Nov 25 click below to register

RPAL Nov 26 click below to register


Payment: You will be sent a ‘Square’ link to pay with credit card when you register. Include your name and all your contact info when paying. Full payment required to register and hold your spot.

Class Size: Minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 per course. If you pay for a course that is full, or if the course is cancelled, you will be refunded or have the option to go on the next course. Black Badge Courses are limited to 6 people. Private courses are available.

Pass/Fail: You must pass both the written and practical components of the course. If you miss or fail the written exam or practical exam you will need to redo the test after one day. You must complete all exams within 7 days of the course or you must take the course again per CFO.

Names: you must use your correct legal names when registering and filling out paperwork as your license will be a legal document/ID. The instructor is not responsible for forms not processed by the Firearms Program.

Course Times: All courses start at 8am, you need to be ready in the room before this. The instructor will not wait for you. The PAL course is 8 hours plus written exam time you should plan to be in class until approximately 6pm. The practical exam will be done after the written exam or the next day. You will be given a time slot to do you practical after the written exam, be sure you are available to do this. Minors may do the PAL but if they wish to do the RPAL it is for educational purposes only and no course report will be given.

The RPAL course is 6 hours plus time for written exam and practical. This is only one day long and you should expect to be in class until around 6pm
Students are expected to be present for the whole day and for their practical exam on time.

NOTE: practical times may be adjusted depending on dates and times. Confirm with your instructor.

Course Location: The courses are generally held at a hotel meeting room. The exact location and room will be sent to you after registering.

Prerequisites for RPAL: MUST BE 18+. You MUST complete the PAL (CFSC) course before taking the restricted course, or already have your PAL. If you do both courses, you only need to send in one application and fee! (Note: you don’t have to have your PAL license card before taking the RPAL Course, just the course itself)

Cancellation fees: to receive a refund, you must inform instructor within 7 days of the start of the course. No refunds after this time unless a replacement can be arranged. No refunds due to government changes in law, gun bans, etc. If you register for a PAL or RPAL course as of November 2022 you understand that handguns may no longer be bought/sold in Canada and other prohibitions exist or are in progress. No refunds are offered due to this. More information can be found here.

Application Fees: There is a fee for the PAL and RPAL that you must pay along with your application. These are not included in the course fee. The application form and the RCMP Firearms Program website will have the most up to date fee. you can pay these with your credit card on the application form.

Bring: Your Canadian Firearms Safety Course book, or digital copy on a laptop etc, water bottle, snacks, etc. There will be breaks and time for you to get lunch. Bring Photo ID.

Student Responsibility: It is up to the student and license holder to stay up to date on all firearms related laws and regulations after the course. The instructor assumes no liability for your use of firearms.

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